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Aseptic Welder/Sealer
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  • SUS Sealer

SUS Sealer

SUS aseptic sealer from Duoning is fully automatic process device used for the aseptic disconnection of TPE  tubing outside the laminar flow cabinet, while maintaining the sterility of product.

SUS Sealer


Ÿ Aseptic disconnection of TPE tubing from liquid storage bag

Ÿ Aseptic disconnection of TPE tubing from feeding bag

Ÿ Aseptic disconnection of TPE tubing from sampling bag

Tubing sealing process

Ÿ   Place the tubing into the sealer

Ÿ   Select sealing program

Ÿ   Lid will open automatically when the sealing is completed

Ÿ   Disconnection of tubing along the guiding line


Product Features

Ÿ   Wide applicability1/4"- 1" OD, compatible with 6 common tubing sizes, meet majority requirements in industry;

Ÿ   Easy to operate: Press to select the right program according to the size of the tubing and go, no complicated operation required;

Ÿ   Excellent compatibility: One device fits for various common tubing sizes, no need to change holders for different tubing sizes;

Ÿ   Flexibility: The sealing process can be user-defined, if the current standard process miss to match

Ÿ   User-friendly human-machine interface: large touch screen displays real time sealing parameters, status and temperature

Ÿ   Excellent sealing quality:  tubing can be sealed as empty, filled with fluid, or filled with fluid and under pressure, with sealing width up to 20 mm. A clear guiding line is created in the middle of the sealing part, enables accurate tubing disconnection.

Ÿ   Robust data reliability: Three-level access management, ~20,000 datasets storage, which can be audit-traced and exported with one press

Ÿ   Optional handheld set







Part No.


Heat Sealing duration

3’00” – 5’30”

Power supply

100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Cooling mode

Air cooling


75 w

Heat sealing environment

5 - 40


410 mm*175 mm*246 mm

Protection grade


Net weight

7.5 kg


Aviation aluminum + stainless steel


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