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Duoning Headquarters in Fengxian Biotechnology Park with Centers for R&D and Technology Applications

Feb. 10, 2023

SHANGHAI, Jan. 18, 2023 - Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Duoning") announced that the company signed an Agreement on the Transfer of the Right to Use State-owned Construction Land with the Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources of Fengxian District, Shanghai and officially settled its global headquarters in the Biotechnology Park of Shanghai Fengxian Economic Development Zone. And Duoning will build an R&D center and a technology applications center (TAC) based on the park's innovative vibe and clustering advantages.


The global headquarters, R&D center, and TAC are located in the heart of the Biotechnology Park, with a total planned area of 20,029.8 m2. It is planned with an office building, an R&D testing center, pilot plants, supporting utilities, etc. The total construction area of the project will be over 40,000 m2. As a leading one-stop bioprocess solutions provider in China, the company is focused on providing comprehensive solutions for biological products from research to commercialization and continues to empower the life sciences industry with its two major businesses -- bioprocess solutions and lab products & services.


 Duoning Headquarters in Fengxian Biotechnology Park with Centers for R

Site Plan of Duoning


After signing the agreement, Duoning will provide research institutions, CROs/CDMOs, and pharmaceutical companies with equipment, consumables, and process-related services required for biologics research and manufacture based on the established biopharmaceutical industry cluster in the park. Meanwhile, the company will cooperate with the park to further exert the agglomeration effect, pursuing to create a world-class life sciences industrial belt while building a highland for China's biopharmaceutical industry.


"In Fengxian Biotechnology Park, we will offer solutions covering both the upstream and downstream of bioprocesses to meet the needs of the biological products at all stages and explore a highly efficient industrialization model in this industry based on the zero-distance contact with outstanding talents and companies here. I believe that with our vast experience and one-stop bioprocess solutions, we can shoulder the responsibility of relieving the 'pain points' of the industry. At the same time, we also look forward to working with the government and all parties in the industry to advance the development of China's life sciences industry," said Wang Meng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Duoning.


About Duoning

Founded in 2005, Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for biopharmaceutical customers, including products and services for biological products, research, development, and commercialization. For more information, please visit www.duoningbio.com.



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