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Duoning Invests in Ancell to Optimize Industrial Distribution

Dec. 26, 2022

SHANGHAI, Dec. 26, 2022 --Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Duoning") announced that it has invested in Ancell (Shandong) Life Science Co., Ltd. ("Ancell") in September, becoming its strategic shareholder.

As a company focusing on hollow fiber, Ancell integrates R&D, production, application, and sales, with mature platforms in new material development, production assembly, quality control, and customer service. Ancell has gained extensive project experience, industry recognition, and positive customer reputation.

Hollow fiber, used in the core link of biopharmaceutical production and filtration, is recognized as a "strangling" product with high technical barriers by the industry. After years of deep cultivation and development in the industry, Ancell has always been oriented to fill the gap in the domestic market, investing in life sciences and focusing on supply chain security.

The strategic investment in Ancell has filled the gap in the complete solution platform from upstream to downstream of Duoning, optimized the layout of the industrial chain. In the future, Duoning will cooperate with Ancell to promote the growth of related industries, achieve sharing and complementarity in all aspects, empower life sciences and promote human health and well-being.

About Duoning

Founded in 2005, Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for biopharmaceutical customers, including products and services for biologics products research, development and commercialization. For more information, please visit: www.duoningbio.com.

About Ancell

Founded in 2021, Ancell (Shandong) Life Science Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with a complete supply chain of hollow fiber formulation mapping, product development, scale production, quality control, and a platform for continuous product optimization. Focusing on the development, production and high standard of product release of hollow fibers, Ancell serves customers in the life science with reliable quality, excellent service and customer-centric philosophy.


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