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Duoning Selected as the 2022 Top Brands of Chinese Life Science Service Enterprises

Nov. 03, 2022

Recently, the "2022 Top Brands of Chinese Life Science Service Enterprises" was released by Healthcare Executive for the first time. As a leading provider of bioprocess solutions in China, Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Duoning") was on the list.

Chinese Life Science Service Enterprises

In order to better promote innovation and help China transform from a big pharmaceutical country to a pharmaceutical power, Healthcare Executive spent three months selecting the 100 most competitive Chinese life science service companies from industry.

Founded in 2005, Duoning is one of the earliest companies in China to enter the bioprocess solutions market, with two business segments: bioprocess solutions, and laboratory products and services. Duoning is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions for biologics products from development to commercialization. Currently, Duoning's product portfolio covered all major steps of the bioprocess, from the upstream steps to the downstream steps, and its technologies and services can be applied to the commercialization of all major types of biologics drugs.

In addition, Duoning has obtained 205 patents, and taken a leading position in domestic cell culture media, disposable products, bioreactors, nano particles preparation systems, chromatographic resins, and laboratory pure water systems. Currently, Duoning is able to provide more than 200 different products and more than 70 types of services, and has established long-term and stable cooperation with many well-known companies and scientific research institutions, including WuXi Biologics and Akeso, with thousands of customers.

In the future, Duoning will continue to strive to "provide one-stop service", reduce costs and boost efficiency of the biopharmaceutical industry through high-quality services, and improve human health with the greatest benefit to customers.

About Duoning

Founded in 2005, Shanghai Duoning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for biopharmaceutical customers, including products and services for biologics products research, development and commercialization. For more information, please visit: www.duoningbio.com.


Media: PR@duoningbio.com

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