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Integrity Tester
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  • ITPOWER Integrity Tester

ITPOWER Integrity Tester

Donin Integrity Tester (ITPOWER) is a fully automatic filter integrity tester, designed to perform a set of integrity tests on syringe filters, cartridge, capsule filters. Integrity testing is essential step for ensuring product quality and batch release.


Product features

User-friendly HMI

10-inch color touch screen, supported by Windows system;

One-key switching between Chinese and English, and other languages can be made to custom;

Real-time test data and process curve display, and whole process monitoring.


User friendly design, precision hardware components, superior performance

Ÿ   Independent pipeline setting prevents liquid from flowing back into the tester;

Ÿ   Perfect POST (power-on self-test) program, ensure correct operation;

Ÿ   Heat dissipation function for both screen and backboard, ensure accurate testing;

Ÿ   Accurate algorithm, the measured pressure can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature change of tester, ensure the accuracy of data measurement;

Ÿ   Stäubli connection ports, ensures the tightness of the connection and facilitates operation;

Ÿ   Festool piezoelectric pressure regulating valve with pressure feedback, provides high precision and sensitive response;

Ÿ   Honeywell sensors, comply with FDA requirements, high precision and low fluctuations, no effect on the operation of the amplifier circuit.


Data integrity

Ÿ   500 test methods can be pre-edited and saved, and users can also modify and edit methods online;

Ÿ   Standard built-in printer, comply with FDA requirements for data records, paper data can be stored for > 10 years;

Ÿ   10,000 data records can be stored in system, and supports USB export in PDF format;

Ÿ   Provides functions of access management, audit trail, and log query that comply with 21 CFR Part 11.



Ÿ   Scan code reader (automatically input filter information by scanning code)

Ÿ   Expanded Pressure Vessel (Test Large Bubble Point)


Integrity tester can be used to perform following tests:

Ÿ   Bubble point

Ÿ   Water intrusion

Ÿ   Diffusion flow

Ÿ   Bubble point + Diffusion flow

Product specification




450 x 230 x 330 mm


11.5 kg


100-240 V50-60 HZ

Pressure tolerance

8,000 mbar

Protection grade


Test scope

Bubble point100-9,000 mbar

Forward flow1-600 mL/min

Water intrusion0.05-100 mL/min

Pressure decay0-2,000 mbar

Tested scope

Minimum membrane≤25 mm

Upstream volume of filter≤50 L

Test accuracy

Bubble point±50 mbar

Forward flow±4%

Water intrusion±4%

Pressure decay±1 mbar

Test environment



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