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Protein Purification Systems
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  • Purilad High-throughput Multi-channel Protein Purification system (with detector)

Purilad High-throughput Multi-channel Protein Purification system (with detector)

The Purilad protein purification system adopts high-throughput design, which enables purifying 8 samples in-parallel, providing convenient, fast, and cost-effective process. It is an ideal device for research work in pharmaceutical and protein platform. The system integrates transfer pump, collector, column stand, mechanical arm, and 8 independent valveless metering pumps with flow rate range of 0.1~30 ml/min. The flow rate range can increase to 0.5-60 ml/min when pump with higher capacity is selected. The system is designed with agile, modular software, which contains functions of method set-up, operation, access management and system settings.


Ÿ   Affinity chromatography applications, including Protein A, G and L, GST, Ni columns.

Ÿ   Screening of stable transfected cell lines (loading volume > tens of milliliters);

Ÿ   Multiple sample preparation of HEK293, Baculovirus expression system;

Ÿ   Protein samples with large amount.

Purilad 高通量多通道蛋白质纯化仪(带检测器)

Product Features

Ÿ   Compact design and small footprint;

Ÿ   Touch screen operation with Microsoft Surface laptop, automatic sample collection based on UV (280nm) detector measurement;

Ÿ   Eight channels in parallel, increase sample purification efficiency by 8X;

Ÿ   Run one channel independently, without affecting the use of other channels;

Ÿ   Equipped with air traps and sensors, protecting columns;

Ÿ   Excellent compatibility, supporting various specifications of sample loading and collection brackets;

Ÿ   Software designed with easy-to-use and flexible concept; purification procedure can be user-defined with minimal training required

Ÿ   Real-time process progress shows on screen, including chromatogram, flow rate.


Ÿ   Nucleic acid detector

Ÿ   pH and conductivity configuration

Case Study

Purilad 高通量多通道蛋白质纯化仪(带检测器)

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Purilad high-throughput multi-channel protein purification system (with   detector)



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