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Suspension Cell Culture
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  • DuoBioX Pro Single-use Bioreactor

DuoBioX Pro Single-use Bioreactor

DuoBioXTM Pro single-use bioreactor adopts bottom-stirring tank design, which can realize linear scale-up from 50L to 2,000L. Combined with 3D disposable cell culture bags independently developed and manufactured by Duoning, there bioreactors features good biocompatibility, together with flexible connection design, they can meet all requirements of complex upstream processes; their unique combination design of stirring and ventilation, not only reduce shear but also ensure excellent mass transfer and mixing performance, thus achieving good consistency during scaling-up. The DuoBioXTM Pro single-use bioreactors can be widely used in various stages from process development to GMP production of biopharmaceuticals.


                                              DuoBio Pro Single-use Bioreactor


Product features

Ÿ The cell culture bag features good biocompatibility, extremely low extractables and leachables, and ensures the safety of the product. All materials in contact with the product have passed relevant validation requirements of CFDA for single-use system and meet USP standards.

Ÿ The system is designed with Siemens PLC+WinCC system, can be connected to SCADA data management system, all data can be recorded and exported, and supports audit trail, while complies with 21CFR Part 11 regulations.

Ÿ The system integrates optical dissolved oxygen sensor with DO resolution of 0.1% and control accuracy of ±2%, the pH resolution is 0.01 with control accuracy of ±0.02; and temperature resolution is 0.1°C with control accuracy of ±0.5°C; the weighing accuracy is ±3‰ with pressure accuracy ±of 2%.

Ÿ The default configuration provides 3 channels of gas supply: macro-sparge bottom gas supply (0.05 vvm oxygen, 0.05 vvm air, 0.025 vvm carbon dioxide), micro-sparge bottom gas supply (0.025 vvm oxygen), overlay gas supply (0.05 vvm oxygen, 0.05 vvm air). All use Swiss Vogtlin or German Bürkert mass flowmeter.

Ÿ 1-2 way exhaust heating as standard (depending on the model of the culture bag); magnetic coupling stirring device with inclined angle at the bottom, speed 0-300 rpm, temperature control range 20-50 .

Ÿ Mettler-Toledo high precision load cell unit.



Ÿ Hardware: The main spare parts are from industry leading suppliers, thus improve the product quality and stability of the hardware and reduce failure rate

Ÿ Software: With rich experience in bioreactor development and careful consideration of characteristics of various cell culture processes, Duoning has built a mature control software system.

Ÿ Service: Professional technical service team, after-sales training and services of bioreactors will be provided by experienced engineers, until end-users master all required skills.

Ÿ After-sales: Relying on the strong after-sales service team of Duoning, we have set up offices in various regions, and can respond immediately to technical and after-sales problems.

DuoBio Pro Single-use Bioreactor

DuoBio Pro Single-use Bioreactor

Tank and I/O cabinet


50 L

200 L

500 L

1,000    L

2,000    L

Max working volume

50 L

200 L

500 L

1,000 L

2,000 L

Min working volume

13 L

35 L

100 L

200 L

350 L

Jacket pressure resistant

Atmospheric pressure

Temperature resistant


Aspect ratio




Jacket material


Exhaust gas heating device


Culture bag lifting device


inching with protection


3 pitched blades

Blade diameter

21.6 cm(8.5 in)

26.6 cm(10.5 in)

31.7 cm(12.5 in)

41.9 cm (16.5 in)

Impeller position

Directly below

15° lower side

Standard gas sparger

2 µm×1

20 µm×1

0.5 mm×2

1.0 mm×1

2 µm×2

20 µm×2

0.5 mm×2

1.0 mm×2

20 µm×6

1.0 mm×2

20 µm×6

1.0 mm×2

Separate macro-sparge

20 µm×8

Separate macro-sparge

pH sensor

1 (2 for optional)


DO Sensor

1(2 for optional)


CO2  Sensor



Air, O2, CO2, N2


5 as standard, can configure 6th one as optional

Built-in peristaltic pump

2x Watson Marlow 114D

2x Watson Marlow 313D

2x Watson Marlow 313D

2x Watson Marlow 520

External peristaltic pump

Optional   maximum 1

Temperature Control Unit (TCU)

Standard LAUDA air-cooling VC1200

Heating 2.3 kw

Cooling 1.2 kw

Standard LAUDA air-cooling VC5000

Heating 4.5 kw

Cooling 5.0 kw

Standard LAUDA air-cooling


Heating7.5 kw

Cooling 10.0 kw

Standard LAUDA air-cooling


Heating7.5 kw

Cooling 10.0 kw

Weighing   feet



Gas source

Air 200kPa, O2 200kPa, CO2   200kPa, N2 200kPa is optional. Use 1/4" or 1/2" air tube quick connection

IO cabinet power supply

Supply   through control cabinet

TCU connection



1,140*1650*690   mm

1,340*760*1,910   mm



1,650*1,088*2,846   mm

1,830*1,360*3,830   mm

Net weight

215 kg

260 kg

530 kg

940 kg

1,377 kg

Full load weight

265 kg

460 kg

1,030 kg

1,940 kg

3,377 kg


Control Cabinet




550*960*1,350 mm


89 kg

Touch screen

19 inch52.4mm10-point touch


Maintain sensor and data recording for 30 minutes




21 CRF Part 11


220V, ≤2kww/o TCU


Temperature control unit (LAUDA)







220 v,

3 pins plug

380 v

Industrial power 5 pins plug

Heating power

2.3 kw

4.5 kw

7.5 kw

Cooling power

1.2 kw

5.0 kw

10.0 kw


450*550*650 mm

550*650*970 mm

650*670*1250 mm

Minimum heat dissipation interval (front, back, left, and right)

20*20*20*20 cm

50*50*20*20 cm

Net weight

54 kg

57 kg

98 kg

147 kg


15 L

15 L

33 L

64 L

Temperature control range

-20~80When the temperature is lower than 5°C, antifreeze should be used as circulating water

Circulating water pressure

3.2 bar Max

Circulating water flow rate

37 L/min

Heat dissipation

Air/water cooling

Working temperature

5 – 40

Working humidity

Max 80%  @ 31


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