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Suspension Cell Culture
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  • BA Series Glass Bioreactor

BA Series Glass Bioreactor

Ÿ Wide applicability of suspension and adherent culture of microorganisms, animal cells and insect cells;

Ÿ Precise control of DO, pH, temperature, liquid level, speed and other parameters;

Ÿ Consistent glass vessels, blades, parameter controls, providing basis for parallel experiments;

Ÿ User-friendly software design, minimal training required for beginners; parameters can be set online or offline and generate recipes, which can be directly called out for use; it can be connected to SCADA;

Ÿ Easy-to-use full audit trail functions, records will be automatically stored in hard disk, avoiding loss and easy to call out for viewing;

Ÿ Meet GMP requirements, comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11;

Ÿ Complete set of Siemens system; all main parts are from industry leading brands.




Tank Volume

1 L, 3 L, 7 L, 15 L


Automatic control (electric heating blanket), display range 0-150°C,   resolution 0.1° C, control accuracy ± 0.2


Automatic control of air,   nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen with rotor flowmeter

Air Supply

L tube macro sparge (other air supply methods are optional)

DO electrode

Mettler/Hamilton optical   digital electrode, display range 0-200%, resolution 0.1%, control accuracy ±   2%

pH electrode

Mettler/Hamilton digital electrodes, display range 2-12, resolution   0.01pH, control accuracy ± 0.02

Peristaltic pump

Configuration of 2-4   Waston-Marlow peristaltic pumps, automatic control of feeding according to   different requirements


Automatic control, display range 0-800rpm, resolution 1rpm, control   precision 1rpm


Impeller angle and size   customizable

Antifoam/liquid level electrode

Automatic level control and addition of antifoaming agent (optional)


Cold water Solenoid Valve   with stainless steel cooling sleeve (optional)

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