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Suspension Cell Culture
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  • DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor
  • DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor
  • DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor
  • DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Product features

The unique mixing method of DuoWave® wave bioreactor provides a gentle growth environment for cells. The newly designed process control software has various functions and a simple and intuitive interface, which is easy to get familiar. The working volume of DuoWave® wave bioreactor ranges from 500 ml to 25 L, which is suitable for the seed train expansion, inoculum preparation, culture process development of various types of cells and fast preparation of laboratory samples.


Main functions

DuoWave® wave bioreactor adopts a new modular design, which consists of four modules: base, tray, I/O and server. It is easy to install, operate and saves space.

Ÿ  The base module is designed with functions of temperature measurement, rocking and mixing, weighing and exhaust gas heating. After installing the tray, it can be started by setting the LCD touch screen that comes with the base.

Ÿ  The tray includes two specifications of 20L and 50L, and adopts a dual-zone heating plate design, which can realize independent temperature control of two cell culture bags.

Ÿ  The I/O module integrates optical pH, DO electrodes, gas mixing and high-precision peristaltic pump functions, and users can easily realize process parameter feedback control.

Ÿ  The server module includes DuoWave® control software and computer, through which users can perform process control, audit trail, data recording, four-level authority management, batch report generation and other operations. DuoWave® wave bioreactor system complies with GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.



Depending on the mode of operation, DuoWave® wave bioreactors can be applied to

Ÿ  Seed Expansion

Ÿ  Fed-Batch

Ÿ  Perfusion

Ÿ  Microcarrier


DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Depending on different applications, DuoWave® wave bioreactors can be applied to

Ÿ  Antibody and recombinant proteins

Ÿ  Vaccine

Ÿ  Gene therapy

Ÿ  Cell therapy

Ÿ  Other biologics or macro molecular


Mass transfer and mixing performance

DuoWave® wave bioreactor system not only has excellent mass transfer and mixing performance, but also brings extremely low shear force and suitable growth environment for cell culture due to its unique non-sparging aeration and non-stirring design.

Component configuration and part number


Main module model





DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Temperature control module

Double-plate independent temperature control, continuously adjustable from RT to 42°C, PID  closed-loop control, water-cooled bottom plate can be customized.

Rocking mixing module

Rocking angle is continuously adjustable from 0-12°, and the speed is continuously adjustable from 0-23 rpm

Weighing Module

0 – 50 kg, can cascade with peristaltic pump

2 exhaust gas heaters

80 ± 10 °C automatic constant temperature



DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

2 separate temperature measuring and heating plates

Compatible with DuoWave® 3 L, 10 L, 20 L cell culture bags


DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

2 separate temperature measuring and heating plates

Compatible with DuoWave® 22 L, 50 L cell culture bags



I/O module

DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Two Watson-Marlow 114D variable speed peristaltic pumps;

Optical DO and pH sensors

Gas mixing device

Peristaltic pump flow rate range

0-5mLPM13#, 0-22mLPM14#,

0-80mLPM16#, 0-200mLPM25#.

The measure range of DO and pH are 0-200% and 5-9, respectively.

The gas flowrate range of gas 0-1 LPM, with CO2 range of 0-20% and O2 range of 0-90%.



Microsoft Surface

DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Microsoft Surface Pro7

Built-in DuoWave® control software

i5, 8G+128G, standard + Pro original keyboard


DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Dell laptop

Built-in DuoWave® control software

i5, 8G or above RAM, 512G or above SSD


DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Dell PC

Built-in DuoWave® control software

i5 , 8G memory, 512G or above solid state drive; Windows 10 or Windows 11 Professional Edition





470*560*264 mm

27.7 kg

20L Tray

792*535*62 mm

10.7 kg

50L Tray

904*688*74 mm

16.9 kg

20L Trayw/ cooling

792*535*65 mm

15.4 kg

50L Trayw/ cooling

904*688-77 mm

21.9 kg

20L top cover

832*549*274 mm

4.9 kg

50L top cover

904*688*307 mm

6.3 kg

I/O module

310*418*185 mm

10.8 kg

pH optical fiber

1.5 m

DO optical fiber

1.5 m



Performance parameter

Rocking speed

0-40 rpm

Rocking angle


Weighing range

0-50 kg

Weighing accuracy

10 g

Temperature electrode


Temperature measurement range

0-80 °C

Temperature measurement accuracy

±0.1 °C

Temperature control range

10°C below room temperature (w/ cooling tray), room temperature to 45°C

Temperature control accuracy

±0.2 °C


I/O  Module

Performance parameter

Gas flowrate range

Air 0.3 L/min

CO2 0.3 L/min*20%

O2 0.3 L/min

Gas flowrate accuracy

0.5% of full-scale

Fast filling gas flow rate


CO2 control range


CO2 measurement accuracy


CO2 control accuracy


O2 control range

N2 mode 0-80% & Air   mode 21%-80%

O2 measurement accuracy


O2 control accuracy


pH measurement range

pH 4.5-pH 8.5

pH control range

pH 6.0-pH 8.0

pH measurement accuracy

±0.05 pH, within ±0.25 pH of the calibration value

±0.1 pH, ±0.25 to ±0.5 pH from calibration value

pH control accuracy

±0.05 pH

DO measurement range


DO control range


DO measurement accuracy



Peristaltic Pump

Performance parameter

Number of peristaltic pumps

2*   Watson-Malow 114DV

Flowrate range

0-200 mL/min

Pump accuracy

10% of total volume

Compatible tubing sizes

13# (1/32 in-5/32 in)

14# (1/16 in-3/16 in)

16# (1/8 in-1/4 in)

25# (3/16 in-5/16 in)


DuoWave® Cell Culture Bag


DuoWave® Rocking Single-use Bioreactor

Features of DuoFilm-003 film material

DuoFilm-003 is a 5-layer coextruded film that withstands the harshest physical requirements while exhibiting excellent cell culture compatibility.

Ÿ  The outer layer is low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which has excellent chemical stability and elongation.

Ÿ  The middle layer is ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer EVOH, which exhibits excellent barrier effect on gases, odors, solvents, etc., while maintaining flexibility and strength properties

Ÿ  Liquid contact layer is ultra low density polyethylene (ULDPE) for excellent biocompatibility and low extractable levels while providing a clean, inert surface with no anti-blocking additive ingredients.


We provide DuoWave® cell culture bags with various sizes and configurations for different bioprocessing applications.




Tube material

Optional silicone tube or weldable tube


Optional configurations with or without optical electrodes


Optional 3L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 22L, 50L

Sampling port

Luer sampling port

Film material

DuoFilm®- 003


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